Friday, August 9, 2019

Teaching Personal Statement Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Teaching - Personal Statement Example This cooperation occurs between students and their peers as well as students and teachers. Social literacy is supported for example, where there is opportunity to work in groups, discuss issues, and contribution to class works. Appeal to the interest of children: this principle supports science literacy since it is based on a curriculum that responds directly to the interest of children. This provides opportunities for knowledge construction. The tenet also allows a constructivist teacher to recognize and stimulate the interest of children. This will support science literacy when for example, the teacher observes what children do, solicit the ideas of children, and propose activities that entice children. Teaching in terms of the type of involved knowledge: this tenet defines the kinds of knowledge helpful to constructivist teachers. Physical knowledge, conventional or social knowledge, and logico-mathematical knowledge may be used among children. This supports science literacy in that varying strategies are used for different types of knowledge. For example, with conventional knowledge, children are shown and told the information via direct instruction, in physical knowledge, the children are assisted in getting chances to act on things and their reactions noted while a teacher provides experiences in logico-mathematical knowledge through which student reorganize their own knowledge. Choosing content challenging children: this principle creates a culture of inquiry and develop teaching curriculum based on ideas which allow a very in-depth study. It supports science of literacy through providing activities appropriate for wide development levels. For example, it analyzes activities in terms of relationships and regularities. Promote reasoning among children: this principle supports science literacy because it encourages

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