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Farewell to Manzanar

The novel Farewell to Manzanar contains several levels of irony, beginning with the title of the novel in comparison with its subject matter. This irony can be found in the fact that the protagonist-narrator Jeanne Wakatsuki expresses through the events of the story her inability to say farewell to the place that housed her family for several years during the internment. Her youth and early adulthood are spent in direct contrast with the novel’s title, as she has had haunting memories of the place that was both home and prison to her family. She spends the length of the novel regaling her readers with the memories of Manzanar that have remained etched in her mind for decades. Irony also exists in the situation faced by the Japanese men who lived in America at the time. This situation is embodied in the life and story of Papa, Jeanne Wakatsuki’s father. He is labeled a traitor in the American society in which he lives because of his status as an immigrant. The irony in this lies in the fact that in order to become a resident of America, he had to abandon the country of his birth, in effect committing an act of treason and sedition. He finds himself abandoned by the country he has chosen in favor of his own, and is therefore left in limbo. Having made a choice to embrace America and live here, that choice is ironically thrown back into his face, as he has been branded as an outsider who could never belong. He has given up so much to come to this country—even the place in his samurai order, and the irony of the situation is that it has proven to be as inhospitable (or even more so) as he had considered the Japan he left behind. The boys of fighting age in the novel also face irony in the fact that they are forced to make a choice regarding their allegiance—whether to Japan or to the United States. What is ironic is that many of them feel torn between the two places, having a love for each. In crying â€Å"Yes, Yes† to the pledge of allegiance to the states, the young Japanese men agree to not just to fight for the country they love and live in but against the other country they love and whose heritage they share. If, however, they respond in the opposite manner by saying â€Å"No, no† then what appears to be an opposing prospect ends up feeling strangely the same—fighting for a country they love while fighting against one they also love. In fact, the opposing responses ironically end up having almost exactly the same result as they get deported to Japan if they do not pledge their allegiance to America and sent to war (also in Japan) if they do. Jeanne Wakatsuki faces many loses during the childhood she spent in Manzanar. She loses not only carefree and happy times with her family, but her paternal influence and the ability to live in a non-fabricated world of freedom. The time spent in Manzanar is hard on her family, and the strain put on her mother and father during that time spills over into her life at that period. While she is a spirited child who is unaware of the anomalous nature of her surroundings, she is still faced with the tensions felt by her father and the effect it has on her mother. Because of this, she loses the happy times she could have had with them were situations better. She also loses quality time with her father, whose life and psyche go on a downward spiral once they move into Manzanar. She writes, â€Å"Papa’s life ended at Manzanar, though he lived for twelve more years after getting out† (Houston 195). The true Papa figuratively dies as he becomes emotionally unbalanced and unable provide the secure paternal guidance she needs during her formative years.   She also loses her freedom in a way that is at first unknown to her. Yet, the family was unable to leave that area for a long period, and during that time she missed out on simple pleasures of family trips across the country and perhaps even to Japan, the home of her culture and ancestors. Work Cited Houston, Jeanne Wakatsuki. A Farewell to Manzanar. New York: Random House, 1973. Farewell to Manzanar Farewell to Manzanar, written by Jeanne Wakatsuki Houston, Japanese American, and James D. Houston, describes about the experience of being sent to an internment camp during World War II. The evacuation of Japanese Americans started after President Roosevelt had signed the Executive Order 9066 on February 19, 1942. Along with ten thousand other Japanese Americans, the Wakatsuki was sent on a bus to Manzanar, California. There, they were placed in an internment camp, many miles from their home with only what they could carry. The lives of the Japanese Americans in the internment was a struggle.But for some of the Japanese Americans, it was even harder after they were discharged from the internment camp. The evacuation and the internment had changed the lives of all Japanese Americans. The evacuation and internment affected the Wakatsuki family in three ways: the destruction of Papa’s self-esteem, the separation of the Wakatsuki family, and the change in their social status. The destruction of Papa’s self-esteem is one effect of the evacuation and internment. Before the evacuation and internment, Papa was proud; he had a self-important attitude yet he was dignified. Wakatsuki describes Papa as â€Å"a poser, a braggart, and a tyrant.But he had held on to his self-respect† (58). He was â€Å"absurdly proud† (54) that he went to the law school even though he never finished. Prior to the evacuation and internment, his self-esteem was not destroyed. When â€Å"Papa was take to the prison, he did not let the deputies push him out the door, instead he led them† (8). This manner is clearly contrasted after the evacuation and internment. Papa’s self-esteem no longer existed. Papa drunk heavily inside the barracks, â€Å"day after day he would sip his rice wine or his apricot brandy, sip till he was blind drunk and passed out† (65).His pride was diminishing like a vapor of alcohol. He became abusive towards Mama, â€Å"He yelled and shook his fists and with his very threats forced her across the cluttered room until she collided with one of the steel bed frames and fell back onto a mattress† (71). Papa's dignity had disappeared; he had become a drunk and an abusive man. The effects of the evacuation and internment contributed to the destruction of his self-esteem. The separation of the Wakatsuki family is a second effect of the evacuation and internment. Before the evacuation, the Wakatsuki family members were living in the same house in Ocean Park, California.According to the author, they used to go hunt grunion with whole family (38); they would celebrate their parents' wedding anniversaries (57). The Wakatsuki family seemed humble and very close. For them, mealtime meant a lot and it â€Å"had always been the center of their family scene†(35). They would sit around the old round wooden table in their dining room in Ocean Park (35), but at Manzanar, there was no dining table, nor the h ouse to eat in (39). They ate separately and â€Å"stopped eating as a family† (36). Eating separately was a manifestation of the disintegration of the family.The author states, â€Å"My own family, after three years of mess hall living, collapsed as an integrated unit†¦ we did not recover it until many years after the war† (37). After the internment camp was over, her siblings moved out to different places; they no longer lived together as before. They were unable to recapture the closeness of family life until many years later. The change in their social status is also an effect of the evacuation and internment. Before the evacuation, they lived in Ocean Park, California, a white neighborhood. Papa owned two fishing boats.

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Globalization and World Trade Organization Essay

Often perceived as the strongest instrument of globalization and supporter of economic liberalism, the other facet of the World Trade Organization brings its existence as an adamant global regime. For the concerned reason, Debi Barker and Jerry Mander have called WTO as a form of ‘Invisible Government’ in one of their publications for the International Forum on Globalization (IFG). China and Globalization: Behind China’s ready reaction to globalization with full potential of leading the global economy, thinkers consider an aspiration to supplant the existing super power of the world. But for China, globalization is a double edged sword since it brings forth both the threats and favours for world’s fastest growing economy. According to Peter Drysdale, it is because of China’s access to the global market that it has reached the first rank among the developing countries of Asia. Exposure to foreign market free of trade barriers has provided with a number of opportunities to enhance the business circle of Chinese companies. In a matter of two decades starting from 1978 to 1997, China doubled its status in terms of its capital gains by elevating to the tenth position from the twentieth rank in the world’s economy. This fact suggests that China’s excel in the international trade does not completely depend on its entrance in the WTO. In fact the country had embarked its way towards economic pre-eminence long before joining WTO. This means that China’s success though boomed by WTO had its very beginning with the economic globalization. Attitudes of Chinese towards Globalization: Just like any other existing phenomenon in the scene of human existence, globalization cannot be confined in a single frame of thought and any rigid point of view merely makes it a matter of perception rather than rationality. With both the negative and positive impacts of globalization for China standing clear, there are three types of attitudes existing among people regarding the relentless process of globalization. According to Charles Andrews, there people advocate and favour one of the three stands namely, Pro-globalization, Anti-globalization and Reformist Approach. 1: Pro-Globalization: The first group of people hold a positive view of globalization for China by measuring the country’s success in terms of strengthening economic position in the global market and increasing cognizance of the world about China. Lin Yifu, a professor of economics at the University of Beijing, is among such people who vision no challenge of globalization to China. Pro-globalists involve a group of liberal minded people who condones the risks of globalization in favour the opportunities it has provided. 2: Anti-Globalization: Contrary to pro-globalization, Anti-globalization rejects every bright angle of increasing globalization. It is because integration is a two way process. When China permeates foreign countries, these countries are equally permitted to invade China’s domestic market. As many fruits and cereals are cheaper in the global market as compared to that of China’s, when the exporters of these goods invade China they leave the country men (whose livelihood depends on the agriculture) at the edge of starvation Apart from such risks, the anti-globalists also take an account of translational terrorism by cross-border criminal activities and the proliferation of weapons. Certain events of recent past also favour such allegations against globalization. It s because of the cross border criminal activities and stalking that events like 9/11 trampled one of the most lucrative economic centres of the world. Anti-globalists belong to various walks of life with their opposition to globalization in terms of their field. For instance, many linguists across the globe talk about linguistic genocide and the overwhelming role of English as a lingua franca which is causing the death of many regional languages. In short, for the group of people who are propelled to anti-globalization, ‘globalization is nothing but a trap. Jumping into this trap would crush the whole domestic industry, agriculture, and service sectors. ’ 3: Reformist Approach: The reformists hold a balanced point of view towards globalization. With an over all positive attitude towards globalization, they believe that while the advantages of globalization are long term, the short term threats of globalization for China cannot be ignored. For them, at one hand globalization means increased financial gains, growth of domestic industry by competition with foreign companies and aggrandizing compatibility of China with the global community. At the other hand, they also bring under consideration the issues like growing unemployment as a result of declining industries facing foreign competitions and by widening the gap between classes by further lowering down the farmers and other such people to a still lower status. The threat to the farmer’s livelihood is clear in China that has over-emphasized the manufacture of non-agricultural products in the wake of the last few years. Consequently, innumerable farmers of China were left with their decline resulting from unemployment. China and World Trade Organization: â€Å"The progressive integration of China into the world trading system- spurred by its membership of WTO in 2001- has provided China with secure, open and predictable export markets. † According to the economists, behind the rapid rise of China in the global economy lies one key factor: the entrance of China in the World Trade Organization. The economic and financial analysts of global market base this opinion on the foundation that the major boom of China occurred after 2001 (the time when China joined WTO). In the words of David Dollar, the World Bank country director for China, â€Å"Since China joined the WTO, its exports have grown at an average rate of 29 percent per year. † It was in December 2001 that China (the sixth largest economy with a population of 1. 3 billion at that time) joined the World Trade Organization. Previously China had remained one of the twenty three contracting countries of the General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade (GATT). Impacts of WTO membership on China’s Economy: After its membership of WTO, China’s trade rate increased rapidly from 44% to 72% in 2006. It was after a foresight into the future that China compromised on a number of WTO policies in order to enter into the WTO. These were the conditions that apparently conflicted with China’s economy. According to Gregory C. Chow of Princeton University, three most salient conditions for China included: 1. Declining the tariff rates on the import of goods from foreign countries. 2. Being conducive in the practice of free trade by letting the foreign companies sell their products directly in the domestic market of China. 3. Establishment of improved telecommunication and finance industry for the sake of increased competition. Contrary to the analysts’ expectations, both China’s macro economy and micro economy did not suffer a set back after its entrance into the WTO since the net results proved to be favourable thereby compensating the scanty amount of losses. With a rapid growth of China’s exports, its increasing imports do not appear to be a threat for the country’s economy. Impacts of WTO membership on China: China’s acceptance to become the member of the World Trade Organization was not merely a matter of flourishing its economy but a reason for a series of the country’s aims. According to Wayne M. Morrison, China saw a potential of playing a major role in trade laws of WTO and indirectly practice an economic hegemony. In the contemporary world with flourishing business and finance, the economic stability is often seen as a measuring stick to mark the countries’ over all power. So, China’s increasing economic strength does not only suggest its financial stability but its potential to become the super power in future. Morrison also believes that another major goal of China behind the membership is to maintain the status of Most Favored Nation and permanent normal trade relations. Even if the World Trade Organization holds a stringent policy for equal treatment of all nations, the bigger nations with their dominating presence somehow benefit as compared to the under developed countries. Previously, these privileges were dominantly celebrated by the U. S. Impact of WTO membership on China Banking Industry: It is the overwhelming effect of WTO membership that it has left not a single institution of the country untouched. With almost seven years of WTO membership and business people facing free trade, China’s financial sector is now open to foreign banks. This has exposed the customers to a number of innovative and improved management mechanisms and services. In the words of Wang Zhaoxing of the China Banking Regulatory Commission, â€Å"The introduction of competition and strategic investors will be conducive to improving innovation, management and profitability of domestic banks. † With considerable involvement of foreign banks into China, China’s leading banks including the Bank of China, China Construction Bank and the Industrial and Commercial Bank of China have emerged as trusted names in the international banking. Although appearing as a threat for smaller banks, such a scenario is highly favourable for a Chinese customer because in either way, they would get better services.

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Multinationals-Exploiting attributes of different locations Essay

Multinationals-Exploiting attributes of different locations - Essay Example Foreign Direct Investment in many developing countries have stunted the growth of indigenous industries and also resulted in large scale exploitation of the resources of that particular region. Political Economy-cases and methods of multinational exploitation Multinational companies principally exploit the attributes of different locations either by following labour laws that do not reflect the current sentiment in the market or by monopolising the market in such a way that competition from the native country is slowly relegated. Unfair practices in cahoots with the government also result in large scale exploitation of natural resources. Some of the cases and theories of exploitation by multinationals have been discussed. 1. One case study of the garment industry from around the world is carried out to ascertain the working conditions of those employed in this industry. The industrial term for such factories are ‘sweatshops’ which employ workers at low wages and force th em to work in unhygienic conditions for a long period of time. It is said that the garment industry in Central America employs 80% women between the age group of 14-26. At Doall, a Korean company operating in El Salvador that makes the famous LizWear and Liz Claiborne fashions; women are made to work from 6.50 am to 10.30 pm with two half hour breaks, one for lunch and the other for dinner. (VIDEA, 2000 ) In the rush hour months they have to work for 7 days week clocking roughly 90 hours. To prevent them from sleeping, the company also encourages them to take a ‘No Doze’ pill which is a highly unethical practice. For the first eight hours these workers are paid 60 cents an hour and 1.20 dollars per hour as overtime. To sum up a worker would be paid 8.40 dollars for an arduous 11 hour shift which is considered far below the minimum wage requirement. (VIDEA, 2000) The Liz Claiborne collection is, however, marketed as very modern, fashionable and sophisticated dress around the world. However if indications are to show the working conditions at the Doall factory in El Salvador is anything but sophisticated. Apart from low wages, the working conditions are pathetic. Air that is full of dust and lint cause breathing problems, skin rashes and other kind of allergies. Bathroom breaks are limited and workers are obligated to work overtime. Failure to adhere to these norms results in suspension or withholding of ‘attendance’ bonuses. Apart from these excesses, new workers are forced to take blood and pregnancy tests to prevent employing pregnant women. Women in the ironing and cleaning sections are forced to stand all day causing inflammation in the feet and working ambience is especially unpleasant with supervisors yelling at them for not being able to meet targets. (VIDEA, 2000) Employers know that any kind of trade unionism with the nature of work involved would cause severe problems for the company. Hence any kind of activity to that effect either by way of organization or by distributing trade union literature is considered subversive. Studies carried out by National Interfaith Committee for Worker Justice Workers in factories of Lavapant, Vaqueros and Cantabria indicate that workers were not paid overtime even though they had worked over 60 hours. This is in violation to the Mexican

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Marketing 3 Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

Marketing 3 - Essay Example This first recommendation makes sure that the product will have the taste and flavour benefits consumers expect of these products so that researchers can understand what portions of the new cola to redevelop or reflavour. This type of preliminary research should be conducted to improve the market availability to the RedBull brand of products and can be conducted with other ongoing integrated communications campaign that are having success. In the current marketing environment, viral marketing represents a low-cost business activity to create buzz about the brand. There is also, as identified earlier in the report, a shifting trend of consumers to favour natural drinks and those that claim natural benefits to health. It is recommended that the company develop a new website which only focuses on these benefits of RedBull products, especially since there is often mixed media reports about the potential health benefits of the brand. Through strategic alliances or other type of partnerships with lifestyle organisations, such as natural foods distributors, agreements can be developed which put RedBull advertisements on favourite UK natural foods-related companies. By linking to other natural foods organisations, RedBull can secure low-cost advertising space, create long-lasting strategic relationships with community or online vendors, and also use the linked website to create informational or humorous videos about the produ ct’s natural benefits. Seeking these partnerships can involve speaking with community distributors of RedBull products or pursuing online consulting meetings with interested parties looking to partner in this fashion with dual advertising campaigns. Because RedBull faces so much competition, both for its current brands on the market and those under consideration for the future, it is important to clearly differentiate the brand from other

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Controversy Analysis Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2500 words

Controversy Analysis - Essay Example There are presently very violent military scenario games with some depicting ancient battles, a development that has led to the following thesis question: Are video games responsible for youth Violence in America? This essay will look at the two arguments on this topic; one is support and the other against, with reference to studies and relevant literature on the thesis question. Video games as we know them today, traces their origin from the start of 1950s when computer engineers and academicians began the design of simple games and artificial intelligence programs in their respective computer science studies. The popularity of video games however, hit the mainstream in the 1970s and 80s when home computers became available. From the 80s to present times, several generations of video games have been developed with Xbox One and PlayStation 4 from Sonny being the latest 8 generation games. As video games evolved, so did the technology and story lines behind them. Presently, there are games in all aspects of life from business to military combats with the latter being most popular among enthusiasts. Violence among youths on the other hand, has been around even before the invention of video games but the information age has seen new style of aggression among the youth (Levesque and Roger, 51). This has prompted analysts to establish if there could be a correlat ion between video games and contemporary youth violence given the many hours young people spend playing these games. So could there be a relationship between these two phenomena and is so, how? If not, what is the evidence of the lack of relationship? Roanna Cooper and Marc Zimmerman in their article, highlight youth violence as a significant public health issue with youth homicide among African-Americans aged between 14 and 24 years, being very high. Other than the Columbine tragedy that made headlines in 1999 when 12 people died

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In vitro Fertilization Term Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words

In vitro Fertilization - Term Paper Example excess of embryos being wasted every year. Some of the ethical considerations have also been taken under evaluation which is associated with IVF. Lastly, the ethical undertakings will be elaborated in the context of moral absolutism, relativism plurality, ethical egoism and utilitarianism. In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) has become one of the smarter ways through which non-productive women can now give birth with healthy pregnancy. It is basically a method which enables reproduction of human pregnancy externally (outside the body). The method that is applied for pregnancy in IVF involves the man’s sperm and woman’s egg is combined together within the laboratory setting. Once the reaction between the woman’s egg and man’s sperm takes place, the reacting embryo is transferred to the uterus of woman by a surgical process. The procedure is conducted under planned time frame which cannot afford any delays or mishandling (Sher, Davis, & Stoess, 2005). Apparently, a lot of critics have mentioned that IVF is an easy method which has been contested by IVF practitioners. IVF is a complex process that involves systematic procedure for undergoing pregnancy. The processes that are involved in the IVF process includes following systematic steps: This step involves drugs that are especially given to women so that multiple eggs can be produced. This allows the ovaries to produce multiple eggs that are in a continuous yet natural cycle. This step is very important to note because this has a special association with the conflict of frozen embryos. The need of more than one cell is because not all eggs can be used for fertilization. Thus, more than one egg is produced in the IVF method of pregnancy (Bonnicksen, 1989). The second step involves the retrieval of the eggs from the woman’s body. This step does not take long as this based upon surgical method of retrieval of eggs. This step also undergoes the filtration of the

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Managing Communication in Business Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2500 words - 1

Managing Communication in Business - Essay Example Organizational communication is very important as for a business to precede and expand, the management should have strong communication ties with its employees. Non-verbal communication is a category of communication that plays a crucial role in terms of organizational communication. In this paper, all kinds of non-verbal communication are described that can affect organizational communication. Along with the description of forms of non-verbal communication, the factors such as gender, age and culture are also analyzed in the paper. After description of all the forms of non-verbal communication, a conclusion is given. The conclusion summarizes the whole essay in a short form. Kinesics can be explained as body movements (Pelachaud, et. al 1996). There are many kinds of bodily movements such as making use of emblematic signs through hands or fingers, making use of hands or legs to stress on or illustrate something, by regulating spoken or listened words and sentences, expression of feelings through bodily movements and gestures and by making use of some adapter to indicate towards a meaningful situation (Depaulo 1992). Body movements are employed in many ways to communicate non-verbally (Argyle 1988). Making use of emblems, adapters, illustrating, adjusting and revealing feelings and gestures, all come in kinesics. In an organizational setting, people make use of kinesics to communicate and by repetitive usage of some bodily movements; people identify them (Burgoon, 1996). For different cultures, people make use of different emblems for the same message. For example, for admitting to some suggestion, many people make use of bowing the head a little, while others can make use of hands to indicate, â€Å"Yes† (Gudykunst and Ting-Toomey 1988). Through body movements, people can communicate their feelings and expressions (Harbridge 1998). In case, a person is tense, he/she can move back and forth that is a clear sign of

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Knowledge Management Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words - 1

Knowledge Management - Essay Example My personal knowledge management plan is as follows: Social dimension objective: My social dimension objective is identifying daily contacts that I can improve upon with use of networking, collaboration, or by engaging in productive dialogue in order to produce enhanced work relationships and work productivity (Wright, 5). Social dimension action plan: My social dimension action plan is to have more focused contact with different departments that I frequently interact with as an HR Generalist. By targeting problem areas with each department I deal with, it should improve the availability of knowledge in a way that can benefit the organization. A few departments that I interact with would include payroll, operations line managers, the information technology department, and my fellow HR colleagues. I plan to do this part of my action plan on as close to a daily basis as possible. Information dimension objective: My information dimension objective is to improve my use of information technology to improve work productivity. This could be through informational analyzing, organization, aggregation, or communication (Wright, 4). Information dimension action plan: My information dimension action plan is to identify one or more areas at my work over the next three weeks that could be improved through information technology. This will involve analyzing the current method of doing work, and in proposing improvements where appropriate. Analytical action plan: My analytical action plan involves reflecting on the decision-making process, and attempting to see how to generate ideas along with general interpretation or analysis. I plan to do this after each entry in my personal knowledge journal. Learning dimension objective: My learning dimension objective is to enhance the way I approach processing knowledge or learning. Learning can be by intuition, reflection, resource development, process improvements,

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How Stress Affects The Immune System and Overall Health Research Paper

How Stress Affects The Immune System and Overall Health - Research Paper Example This weakness of body defenses against stress may end up creating negative outcomes on the physical, mental, internal and psychological health of people (Oxington 2005, p. 174). Stress also plays a vital role in changing and affecting immune system of human beings. This paper further analyzes how stress affects human beings’ overall health and immune system. A number of studies suggest that immune system is highly susceptible to stress and related issues. The effects on immune system are intense enough to reduce the effective of the system and consequently making human body more prone to illnesses. Stress hormones which are released in the bloodstream restrain the immune system to work efficiently and normally which in turn results in higher risks of illness. Psychoneuroimmunology is the study area of health psychology which mainly deals with the issues related to psychology and their effects on the immune system. Stress related issues and their influence on immune system form s a major area of research and discussion in this field. Research indicates that external stressors can be involved in the immune system in a number of different manners (Passer & Smith 2006, p 493). One way is the eviction of a variety of chemicals by extended fibers from the brain into lymph tissues. These chemicals bind to receptors of white blood cell and consequently affect the working efficiency of immune system. Moreover, stress hormones like cortisol and epinephrine, also bind to the cells affecting the overall immune system functioning. An effort to cope up with the stressors at times results in inappropriate behavioral patterns like substance abuse and insufficient sleep time which damages immunity (taylor 2006). In a healthy heart it is seen that a series of event occurs to pump blood out of the heart to the different parts of body. Cardiac Cycle consists of Atrial Systole, Atrial Diastole, Ventricular Systole and Ventricular Diastole. Systole in general is used for the c ontraction of heart muscles and diastole is used for the relaxation of the heart muscles. Atrial Diastole occurs when the atrial muscles relax and Ventricular Diastole happens when the ventricular muscles relax (Hall et al., 2011). Similarly Ventricular Systole occurs when the ventricular muscles contract and atrial systole occurs when the atrial muscles contract. Systole of 120mm Hg is considered to be excellent along with a Diastolic pressure of 80. Systolic pressure of 130 with Diastolic pressure of 85 is fair. Above this pressure it can be said that the pressures are poor. However the worst condition can be when the Systolic Pressure reaches 180 mm Hg and the Diastolic pressure reaches 110 respectively. Stress and sudden emergencies result in â€Å"secretion of excess adrenaline and noradrenaline, which causes sudden and considerable elevation in systolic blood pressure† (Khan 2005, p. 178) Blood pressure and stress are related directly or indirectly. Researchers have fou nd that stress either directly or indirectly plays a role in increasing the blood pressure. Stress causes an individual to go through an unhealthy routine and this may cause several hormones to be released. These hormones then cause constriction of vessels which would raise the blood pressure in an individual. Hence it can be said that blood pressure and stress are somehow related. It is commonly believed that high blood

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Personal Wellness Planning Assessment Essay Example for Free

Personal Wellness Planning Assessment Essay Copy and paste the questions into a word processing program. Answer all questions completely and then submit them to your instructor. Warm-Up (Questions to help you prepare to write your goals) 1. Describe your current level of physical activity. How often do you participate in moderate to high intensity activity in an average week? Moderate, I participate in About 3 or more times a week of physical activity 2. Discuss at least three physical activities you enjoy participating in or wish to participate in. I am on Soccer team for orlando city soccer I practice twice a week and have games once a week I do Horses ridding once a week for about a 1 and half Swimming I have a pool in my yard so I swim a lot and enjoy it Goals 3. Create at least one goal for each of the following wellness categories. Personalize each of your goals for the time enrolled in the course. Be sure that each goal is measureable, attainable, and has a specific deadline. Also, be sure each goal is written in complete sentences. Physical Wellness Goal: My physical wellness goal to run at least a mile every day to stay in shape. Emotional Wellness Goal: My emotional wellness goal is to attend yoga classes once a reduce stress and be relaxed. Social Wellness Goal: My social wellness goal is to join a club at school before the end of the year . Academic Wellness Goal: my Academic Wellness goal is to study for every test and quiz day before Cool Down (Reflection questions based on the goals you’ve written) 4. What do you think will be the most challenging goal for you, and why? My Academic wellness Goal will be the most challenging goal for me its hard for  me to reamber to study days before a test at least every single day till I take it. 5. Describe any challenges or hesitations you have about your goals or the activity requirements for this course. The challenges or hesitations I have about the goals and activitys for this course is having to work our all the time and record your work outs. 6. Explain how fitness testing and test results can affect your overall fitness. Test results and fitness testing can affect your overall fitness by showing you want you need to improve on and what you do better at. 7. No matter your living situation, it is up to you to make daily decisions that affect your well-being. What is your role and responsibility for maintaining and improving your health? My role and responsibility for maintaining and improving my health is maintaining a healthy body weigh, eating heathy and working out.

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Impact of leadership quality on employee retention

Impact of leadership quality on employee retention Leadership and relationships play a key role in organizational success. The approach of superior to subordinates determines the quality of relationship. This tone of relationship between them either positive or negative has a strong say in the success or failure of the organization. Though the objective of either, on organizational and employee view is common, yet the human approach from the top determines the retention of employees apart from other essential needs as mentioned by Maslow. The style adopted by managers in organizations is likely to have impact with the performance of employees. In the present days were the quality of workforce has improved manifold, the practice of Authoritative or Autocratic style would result in retreat and not in progress. It would lead to stress and result in burnout in employees perspective and to employer poor quality production or less production leads to attrition of experienced employees. Leadership is the capability of a person to lead and influence others. A leader is a person who has leadership qualities, or the one who leads. Robert Tannebaum therefore, defined leadership as interpersonal influence exercised in a situation and directed through the communication process, towards the attainment of a specialized goal or goals. The behaviour or the leadership style, a superior adopts may considerably determine the orientation of the subordinates. As, how a manager has expectations of his subordinates, so too the subordinates expect their superior to behave in certain manner. It is necessary for every manager to fit his behavior within the expectation level of his subordinates and superiors for a healthy balanced relationship. Today the scarcity is not on the efficiency but on how well one is able to influence others in getting the quality work done. Failing which, will cause non-co-operation resulting sabotage, hardwork or unidentification results in lack of interest and losing interest results low production, turning the organization sick and leads to higher attrition rate. Therefore, the manager is a person who embarks on the importance of human values and emotions. His importance in the organization does not merely lies on the implementation of the policies of the management but inturn should understand the employees acceptance for their comfortable work environment. Not considering the importance on employee retention will leave the organization in holding employees of only routine skills and lose people with talents. Managers could improve retention rates by creating amiable work environment for the motivating employees. The skill sets of employees in the recent days are very significant. To how best these skill sets could be utilized from the employees for the benefit of the organizations growth is quite a challenging task for the manager. There are instances where the employees prove themselves to be more efficient than the manager. Therefore charting the target and implementing the work towards the target, from the employees perview is not at all a difficult task. As a manager, the responsibilities relies in identifying the employees and delegating the work based on the skill sets and making them feel at ease in the work environment. With this initiation it is necessary for him to navigate, if the channel of work is soothing and human values are connected in a healthy way. The inculcation of organizational values and trustworthiness is predominant as a leader manager. An employee in an organization is not an investor of finance but of efficiency. Employees comprise the most vital assets of the company. He expects compensation for his contribution and not a profit share. His satisfaction on compensation and viable work environment is a motivating factor for the organizational growth. The managers intervention during the time of inconveniences would make them feel identified and feel their presence wanting to the organization. This attitude of, willing employees would make the work environment positive towards the development of the organization. This concept of willing employee and comfortable leader is the days demand in every organization. For availability of unbounded resources and innovation, the driving operational force is the magical wand of the positive social approach by the managers. The changes in the willingness to exist with the industry and comfort ability of the managers would result in retention. Willing Employee and uncomfortable Leader Distance Avoidance Leads to lack of work update Inspite of hardwork effort unrecognized, feel isolated and lose faith Resources never revealed work planning impossible Lacks involvement timely work suffers Wrong interpretation by peers hatred towards the employee Employee Burn Out loss of positive resources Unwilling employee and Uncomfortable leader Manipulate makes use of negatives in an unhealthy way for the org.growth Less productive remain unnoticed Creates groupism try to win over the majority in hiding the flaws Organizational conflict question of industrys existence Need for Organisational change and development in both aspects. Unwilling employee and comfortable leader Manipulate finds cause and try to rectify action Less productive motivate by training and development to become more productive Creates groupism understand the cause for groupism and calls forth for the Employee redressal forum Organizational conflict identify the required interventions for finding a solution Willing employee and comfortable leader High values respect High quality motivation Needs fulfilled ensures organisational long term growth Increased production with less appraisal rejection Approachable any inconveniences learnt and jointly finds ways and means for rectification Positive attitude added responsibility to support the group effectively Better relationship among employees work planned easily and target fixed with practical possibility Innovative organizational growth expansion In a work place where employees are not able to use their full potential and not heard and valued, they are likely to leave because of stress and frustration whereas in a transparent environment the employees get a sense of achievement and belongingness from a healthy work environment by which , the company is benefited with a stronger, reliable work-force, harboring bright new ideas for its growth. Leadership Makes a Difference The style followed by every manager encompass the employees on various aspects like job satisfaction, high production, quality , achieving the target, less rejection, job involvement. It is understood from the earlier studies that the leadership style matters for job retention. à ¢- ª After 20 years of research and 60,000 exit interviews, the Saratoga Institute reports that 80% of turnover is directly related to unsatisfactory relationships with ones boss. à ¢- ª According to a recent Gallup Organization study of approximately 1 million workers, the number one reason people leave their jobs is because of bad bosses. à ¢- ª Another recent Gallup study found poorly managed workgroups are an average of 50 percent less productive and 44 percent less profitable than well-managed groups. à ¢- ª.A conclusion reached by Roger Herman is that 3/4 of people voluntarily leaving jobs dont quit their jobs; they quit their bosses. (Herman, Roger. Winning the War for Talent. The ASTD Trends Watch: The Forces That Shape Workplace Performance and Improvement. American Society for Training And Development, pp. 23-32, 1999, p. 28) Blake moutons managerial grid theory determines a managers leadersipstyle on two behavioural aspects, i.e., on its concern for people and concern for production. The former builds better harmony in work environment while the latter work towards the organizational goal. In his leadership style of Team Management he emphasizes the leader to have concern for high production and high people concern. According to him, these leaders stress production needs and the needs of the people equally highly. The premise here is that employees are involved in understanding organizational purpose and determining production needs. When employees are committed to, and have a stake in the organizations success, their needs and production needs coincide. This creates a team environment based on trust and respect, which leads to high satisfaction and motivation and, as a result, high production. The satisfaction level of employees determines the agreement/disagreement with their leader based on his style and approach. This approach has a strong say in rating the level of employee retention. The leader plays a key role in employee retention and retention management. The leader is the main factor in what motivates peoples decision to stay or leave. For organizations to keep its key employees their number one priority should be to look at their management, because people leave managers and not companies. Characteristics in a leader that are of prime importance are trust builder, esteem builder, communicator, talent developer and coach, and talent finder. The leaders relation to the employees plays a central role in retaining employees. Building rich retention starts from the first day of employment. Organisationss outlook: Ensuring right job to a right person. The necessity of the job, designing the tasks, responsibilities, and expectation from the job and position. Orientation on organisations goals and values. Making the physical and social environment feel comfortable by introduction, support and training programmes. Clarity of job. Any job should be a part of the whole. The support to be saught for the completion of the task and the support to be given to the carryover of the task. Being open to suggestions and giving feedback. Timely appreciations and corrections will build better rapport on work and social behaviour. Clarity on compensation , its revision scale schedule and periodical performance appraisal. Greivance redressal forum Considering the welfare of the employees, who in turn will value the organizations welfare. Clear communication on organizational expectations and its policies is important. Managers outlook: A person, approachable with passion. Be a role model of integrity. Uniform approach to his people irrespective of the positions held. No favoritism. Good and unbiased listener. Analysed decision making. Tough situations to be dealt from solution point of view rather than treating as problem. Look for increasing managerial skills in winning people who do their work with duty conscious. Attending leadership training programmes will help to focus on the employees retention. Giving values to the employees say. Setting procedures Non egoistic Knowledgeable person With these outlook an employee would work to the expectations of the management. Some people work for love; others work for personal fulfillment. Others like to accomplish goals and feel as if they are contributing to something larger than themselves, something important. Some people have personal missions they accomplish through meaningful work. Others truly love what they do or the clients they serve. Some like the camaraderie and interaction with customers and coworkers. Other people like to fill their time with activity. Some workers like change, challenge, and diverse problems to solve. What so ever may be, the ultimate expected reward is the monetary benefit. Fair benefits and pay are the cornerstone of a successful company that recruits and retains committed workers. If you provide a living wage for your employees, you can then work on additional motivation issues. Without the fair, living wage, however, you risk losing your best people to a better-paying employer. Mandatory Disclosure Date:22.10.10 To,   Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚   The Concept and Creative Head   Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚   Yukthi10   Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚   National Conference on Business Strategies for Sustainable Growth   Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚   Department of Management Studies   Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚   Karpagam College of Engineering   Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚   Othakkalmandapam   Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚   Coimbatore 641032 I solemnly certify that the paper titled Impact of leadership quality on employee retention authored by Dr./Prof./Mr./Ms._Sudharani.S has not been published or accepted for publication elsewhere or currently under any other review  Ã‚   Signature of the Author:   Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚   Name :  Ã‚  Ã‚  Sudharani.s  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚        Ã‚   Designation : Placement Liaison Officer  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚     Ã‚   Name of the Institution :   Avinashilingam  Ã‚  Ã‚  School of Management Technology Avinashilingam Deemed University for Women Coimbatore   Department of Management Studies, Karpagam College of Engineering, Myleripalayam Village, Othakkalmandapam Post, Coimbatore-641 032. 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Debate Between Faith and Science :: Philosophy, God

Faith and Science In today’s world there is an ongoing debate between faith and science. The extraordinary advances of science have sometimes led to the belief that it is capable of answering by itself all of man's questions and resolving all his problems. Some have concluded that by now there is no longer any need for God. It has been said that one must choose between faith and science: either one embraces one or believes in the other. People seem to have faith belief in God as creator of life and some have scientific beliefs in the spontaneous generation of life from inanimate matter (Wright 111). Between faith and science there will always be conflict. A scientist who is committed to scientific research no longer has a need for God and vice versa is prominent. A scientist by the name of Dr. Collin’s made a breakthrough in science by creating the human genome which consists of the entire DNA in our species, the heredity code of life (National). Such a breakthrough for a scientist that is a strong believer in God would call for an occasion of worship. He made it known that the belief in God is completely a rational choice and faith is paired with the fundamentals of science (National). But the real question is should faith and science be separated? Many scientists believe it should be separated simply because they don’t believe in God and they have theories that prove just that. Jennifer Sexton and Laura Finley, from an Ebsco host article made an excellent point and stated, â€Å"Religious believers argue that the presumption of God's existence is based on reason, and that the proof of God's existence is in the unanswered questions about the universe, which remain unaddressed by science† (Sexton). As Christians our world views should strongly relate to our faith. Our task is to shape a worldview according to the teachings of scripture, and continually test the world views against the scriptures. This biblical worldview will then serve as a guide through life, and this includes responses to origins, stewardship, justice, medical, and genetic concerns (Wright 12). Hebrews chapter eleven verse three states, â€Å"By faith we understand that the universe was formed at God’s command, so that what is seen was not made out of what was visible.† From this verse it is essential as a biology major to stand by my faith. Everything in biology ranging from meiosis, genetics, to anatomy includes God’s Governance of the cosmos, even chance and random processes (Wright 26).

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Essay on Dignity of the African People in Chinua Achebes Things Fall A

Dignity of the African People Conveyed in Things Fall Apart In Chinua Achebe's Things Fall Apart, it is shown that the African people had their own complex culture before the Europeans decided to "pacify" them. The idea that the dignity of these people has been greatly compromised is acknowledged in the essay "The Role of the Writer," which is explanatory of Achebe's novels. A writer trying to capture the truth of a situation that his readers may know little or nothing about needs a sense of history in order to appropriately address the topic. It is not enough "to beat" another writer to the issue. Writers should make the attempt to express a deeper understanding. Without proper mental investment in a written work, the product will be a shallow representation of what it is meant to convey. Achebe chose to write his novel realistically. He includes the beauty of the Ibo's culture, as well as the gruesome. He recorded that a man might help kill his own adopted son for fear that he would be "thought weak." He also revealed that newborn twins were thrown away. Along with the "great depth" comes tragedy, but all of the details were required to make an accurate presentation of the subject. The writer must understand that the truth is not selective to the pleasant facts. The District Commissioner believed that it was important that he "be firm in cutting out the details" and decreed that a paragraph would suffice for the explanation of Okonkwo. However, Achebe, in essence, wrote an entire novel about this character. It is arrogant to believe that the complete understanding of a human being can be accomplished so easily. The character of the District Commissioner is a prime example of a biased ... ...priciously without consideration to the public's attention to written news. Care must be taken and time set aside to allow for every needed aspect of a literary work to develop. Writing for expediency often excludes the "value and beauty" in the culture of the Africans. Fallacious arguments and insincere statements result from hastening a document. Writers have the opportunity to "tell the people" the harsh realities of the past. Each one who writes about the colonial period has the choice to just write something or to write something substantial. The goal of a writer should be to influence the world for the better. With a proper attitude towards the material, knowledge of the history, and care taken for the preparation, the dignity and self-respect lost to the African people can be regained, and many can know "where the rain began to beat them."

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The Role of Science, Ethics, and Faith in Modern Philosophy Essay

The Role of Science, Ethics, and Faith in Modern Philosophy ABSTRACT: Curiously, in the late twentieth century, even agnostic cosmologists like Stephen Hawking—who is often compared with Einstein—pose metascientific questions concerning a Creator and the cosmos, which science per se is unable to answer. Modern science of the brain, e.g. Roger Penrose's Shadows of the Mind (1994), is only beginning to explore the relationship between the brain and the mind-the physiological and the epistemic. Galileo thought that God's two books-Nature and the Word-cannot be in conflict, since both have a common author: God. This entails, inter alia, that science and faith are to two roads to the Creator-God. David Granby recalls that once upon a time, science and religion were perceived as complementary enterprises, with each scientific advance confirming the grandeur of a Superior Intelligence-God. Are we then at the threshold of a new era of fruitful dialogue between science and religion, one that is mediated by philosophy in the classical sen se? In this paper I explore this question in greater detail. The thesis of this essay is that philosophy is at an important crossroads at the end of the twentieth century in its role as paideia—philosophy educating humanity. An unprecedented challenge and opportunity for philosophy today is to mediate, and enhance understanding of the relationship, between science, ethics and faith. A central question arises: What can philosophy contribute to the emerging dialogue between science and theology? The emerging science-theology dialogue is characterized by complexity and considerable confusion regarding proper methodologies, goals, and possible interactions. There are at least three major schools, model... ...allacy. Reason (October): 53-58. Rust, Peter. 1992. How Has Life and Its Diversity Been Produced? Perspectives on Science and Christian Faith 44 (2): 80-94. Sternberg, Robert J. & Janet E. Davidson, eds. 1995. The Nature of Insight. Cambridge, MA: MIT Press. Weber, Max. 1949. The Methodology of the Social Sciences. Eds. Edward A. Shils & Henry A. Finch. Glencoe, IL: Free Press. Weinberg, Steven. 1992. Dreams of a Final Theory: The Search for the Fundamental Laws of Nature. New York: Pantheon Books. Wiester, John L. 1993. The Real Meaning of Evolution. Perspectives on Science and Christian Faith 45 (3): 182-86. Wigner, Eugene P. 1960. The Unreasonable Effectiveness of Mathematics. Communications on Pure and Applied Mathematics 13: 1-14. Yates, Steven. 1997. Postmodern Creation Myth? A Response. Journal of Interdisciplinary Studies IX (1/2): 91-104.

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Family in African-American Literature Essay

In literary pieces such as Alice Walker’s story â€Å"Everyday Use†, Langston Hughes’ â€Å"My People†, and Robert Hayden’s poem â€Å"Those Winter Sundays†, the theme of family relationships is significantly evident. In â€Å"Everyday Use†, Walker presents one stage and aspect of a family life when one adult child chooses to live on her own while the other one stays with the family. Hughes’ poem portrays his love for his people which he considers to be a family as a whole. Meanwhile, Hayden’s â€Å"Those Winter Sundays†, talks about the narration and description of a boy about his father whom he is not well acquainted with. As the first piece speaks of a story about a family in relation to their heritage, the latter speaks of a boy’s reminiscence of a father who was never able to show his love directly to his children. These two aspects of family relationships reveal several angles to look upon.   Such family situations are influenced by authors’ own race and heritage. Alice Walker portrays the story of a fully grown-up daughter, Dee, who goes back to home to her home to visit her mother, Mrs. Johnson and her younger sister, Maggie. She arrives accompanied by an African American Muslim man who is currently dating her. She comes home to collect some family possessions which she intends to turn into artistic pieces to be exhibited in a museum. Meanwhile, her sister Maggie grimaces as her sister takes some of their personal belongings including a quilt that her mother has promised to give her as a wedding present. Dee tells her mother that Maggie would only ruin the quilt by using it everyday which puzzles Mrs. Johnson as she could not think of any way to use the quilt than to spread them. When Mrs. Johnson sees the sadness in her younger daughter’s eyes upon Dee taking the quilt, she snatches it away and gives it to Maggie. Dee walks away after claiming that their problem is they do not understand their own heritage (Walker). In this story, Walker portrays a family whose eldest daughter has become estranged from them. In the first part of the story, Mrs. Johnson recounts how Dee had hated living in their house and even almost set it on fire when she was young. The concept of a dysfunctional family is quite present here; however, it focuses more on the mother-child relationship rather than every member of the family. It is important to note that Walker made use of the damaged relationship of Dee to her mother and sister to show and illustrate the different types of African American people. On the other hand, Langston Hughes shows his love and appreciation for his people in his poem â€Å"My People†. He does not speak of family but his tone and use of words make it seem as if he is speaking of his beloved family. â€Å"The night is beautiful, / So the faces of my people† (lines 1-2). The possessive pronoun â€Å"my† indicates a certain intimacy between him and â€Å"his† people which is usually used for referring to a small group of people who shares something intimate and common such as â€Å"my family†. In this regard, Hughes speaks highly of his race as if he is talking about a family he loves most. â€Å"The stars are beautiful, /  So the eyes of my people† (3-4). The comparison of his people to the heavens indicates the depth of his love and care for them as he would to his family. â€Å"Beautiful, also, is the sun. / Beautiful, also, are the souls of my people† (5-6). In the poem â€Å"Those Winter Sundays†, it can be assumed that Robert Hayden personally speaks through the voice of the speaker in his poem â€Å"Those Winter Sundays†. His distant relationship with his father is evident. In this melancholic poem, he narrates about the concealed appreciation of a son for his father’s acts of love by means of writing it in a prose. The narrator tells about the labors of his father even on a cold winter Sunday. However, in the poem, the speaker emphasizes that his father’s great efforts are usually ignored. The title of the poem itself already suggests a background for the readers. The speaker is obviously focused only on the â€Å"winter Sundays† and why it means too much work for the father. In the first stanza of the poem, the detailed description of the speaker’s father is very noticeable. He illustrated him by means of mentioning his physical condition as he works on cold Sundays. He could have described it in a clearer way by going straight to the point.   Nevertheless, he expressed his father’s poor countenance in a way that the reader can visualize the father’s hands cracked hands and the busy Sundays. The first two lines of the poem somewhat develops a thesis that would cover the whole idea in the poem. â€Å"Sundays too my father got up early / And put his clothes on in the blueblack cold,† (1-2). Sundays should be a day of rest but the speaker stresses that his father still wakes up even before the sun rose to go to work. He further highlights the weary countenance of his father as he describes his father’s â€Å"cracked hands that ached / from labor in the weekday weather made / Banked fires blaze† (3-5). The poem further shows how heartbreaking the father’s situation must be by writing the last line of the first stanza with, â€Å"No one ever thanked him† (5). With the last line, it is reasonable to consider that the speaker is one of those people who failed to thank him. In this regard, it can be assumed that the speaker is already in his old or middle age when he remembers how his father has shown him love in his own way. Clearly, these renowned African-American writers have frequently used the theme of family relationships to further address the problems of their society. The issues of racism, nationalism, and love are the implicit ideas which are present in the three literary pieces discussed. These authors portrays different types of African-American families which serves as the representation of the current society that they are in. since the family is the basic unit of society, it is the primary target of societal effects such as racism and other social issues. Every problem of the society can become the problem of the family which is why the most meaningful literary works of art somewhat involves the theme of family relationships. Works Cited Hayden, Robert. â€Å"Those Winter Sundays.† The Oxford Anthology of African-American Poetry. Ed. Arnold Rampersad, Hilary Herbold. United States of America: Oxford University Press US, 2006. 261. Hughes, Langston. â€Å"My People.† Poem Hunter. 19 April 2009. Walker, Alice. Everyday Use. Ed. Barbara Christian. United States of America: Rutgers University Press, 1994.

Democracy – Essay

That is to say we want to analyze the meaning of democracy and its efferent forms, study its efficiency (so to say), ponder over its limitations and compare It to other forms of government. Whether democracy was conceived of In Athens, Sparta or India Is not a topic of Interest In this paper (although there may be references to historical events In the evolution of the Idea when pertinent). What does democracy mean? Democracy comes from the Greek â€Å"rule of the people†. But as I searched for a definition of democracy in the course of research for this paper, a consistent deflation of it seemed to elude me.So we must examine some of these definitions ND try to find a core to the idea of democracy, if there exists one. Bunch of different ideas and quotes are out thro on internet †¦ Put about 4-5 of them here and discuss if them from a current or historical perspective.. Vive written down one for u: â€Å"The right to dissent without repercussions to one's personal well- being is the core value of Democracy' * Nathan Shrank Discuss quotes such as this to evaluate how these Ideas are Implemented In practice.. All this should take up about 500 words..The only core value seems to be people get to elect their government.. How much of he peoples rights are respected after that greatly varies.. Forms of democracy Representative.. Constitutes parliamentary and liberal(most democracies are these) Constitutional Direct Socialist Totalitarian .. Discuss all these†¦ About 300 words.. A critique of democracy An illusion â€Å"There was no stone-pelting, nothing. There was no curfew They fired indiscriminately. † (http://www. Lengthened. Co. UK/news/world/salsa/Kashmir-burns- again-as-India-responds-to-dullest-Walt-violence-2045905. HTML).The above was said by Abdul Rasher, a Kashmir youth whose friend was gunned down by Indian army officials for holding a peaceful, nonviolent, anti-government rally in the summer of 2010 But tons was not an anomaly I n ten process AT democracy In IANAL . Kashmir still remains the most militaries zone in the world with about a half a million troops on active duty (for the sake of comparison, the United States had about 165,000 troops in Iraq at its peak)(I read these fugues on CIA. Gob.. I don't remember the exact link ). How is that a government for the people is killing its own citizens for holding a nonviolent demonstration?How is such a huge implementation of a province in a democracy justified? Even a basic understanding of the ideas of freedom and liberty that democracy entails shows how abhorrent these actions are. But these things happen, not Just in India, but in other developed counties like the United States Pansies Americans in 1942), where the rights of their citizens are violated Just when they would want to exercise them. So one must ask, are democracies really for the people? A study of history of government brutality in countries like India and the United States seem to suggest o therwise. The almost forceful takeaway of land by theIndian government in eastern India from farmers (actions which directly led to the Nasality-Moist insurgency, something the current prime minister of India called â€Å"the single biggest internal security challenge ever faced by our country. â€Å"( http:// www. Ploughshares. Ca/libraries/Execrate/CAR-Lillian. HTML)), seem to suggest otherwise. The locking up of Japanese Americans in internment camps in 1942 by Franklin Roosevelt and the Unites States government seem to suggest otherwise. The indiscriminate shooting of unarmed, nonviolent Kashmir youths (some as young as 9 ears old)shouting â€Å"Acadia! Said! â€Å"(â€Å"freedom! Freedom! â€Å") by Indian security officials seem to suggest otherwise. One gets the idea. So maybe people like Vilified Parent and Agitate Masc. are correct after all. The masses are always characterized by apathy and division, the powers to be by drive and unity (Femme, Joseph V. â€Å"Agains t the Masses†, Oxford 2001). Maybe all democracy does is shift the power scale, from domination by a despotic leader to manipulation by a democratic government. Maybe the people don't really have much of a say after all. Maybe it's Just an illusion.Majority rule Majority always gets its way.. Discuss gay rights.. Civil rights in us.. Women's rights historically.. Religious parties like ship seen in Iambi.. Rising intolerance of secularism in India.. Majority rule can get tyrannical and the minority issues ignored when people get to decide resolutions to minority issues. The irrational voter â€Å"The best argument against democracy is a five minute conversation with the average voter. † – Winston Churchill Talk about how the common man is largely ignorant about serious issues and hence can vote against his/her interests.. An greatly discuss the recent midterms in us to make this point†¦ Basically our saying if we must solve economic issues we talk to economi st.. If we must solve environmental issues we talk to climate scientists.. If we are talking bat what to teach in science class we take the consensus of scientist not what the common people of the state think (talk bat teaching creationism in schools.. A lot of states in us have majority of it people wanting creationism be taught as science even though almost no scientist believe it to be science)†¦ Not everything should be up for a vote†¦..Economically inefficient Our a better person to write bat this Idealistic now Its Nora to apply macerate principles In practice†¦ Corrupt officials.. Apathetic citizens.. Uprisings etc.. Instable Frequent elections make the government instable†¦ Castillo of examples on the internet bat this.. Best we have? â€Å"It has been said that democracy is the worst form of government except all the others that have been tried. â€Å"- Winston Churchill Compare democracy to other forms of governments like dictatorships, communist stat es, anarchist, socialist,etc.. Define ND discuss each with respect to western liberal democracy.. Eve done some of it for anarchist Anarchist – Anarchists are those who advocate the absence of the state, arguing that common sense would allow people to come together in agreement to form a functional society allowing for the participants to freely develop their own sense of morality, ethics or principled behavior. (from wisped). One such current society is Somalia, and it would not be hyperbole to suggest they are not doing very well. The lack of a state and police have led to nationwide lawlessness, violence and parallel the country into utter chaos.I think Somalia really characterizes the severe consequences of not having a state and is not a direction one would want their country to go in. Giving people all the power has resulted in the most powerful and the most brutal of them to take power and the rest of people losing all freedom(ironically). Conclusion/reflections Every form of government has been deemed the best by its people at its peak of popularity (the soviets considered socialism to be the best form of government until the collapse of USSR). Democracy might be the best we have, but not the best we could do.It needs to evolve as times and conditions change. When fissures arise in its implications, they must be aptly addressed instead of wallowing in the supposed preferences of democracy by saying things like â€Å"Hey, its the best we have†. But most of all people need to realize that the power that comes with democracy is not a privilege, it's a duty that must be exercised to give it any real meaning. People need to understand the violent convulsions the state of things have gone through so they ay live in a democracy, it is not something to be taken for granted.People need to substitute their subservience with an exertion of their hard won independence. But I must confess, all the above paragraph may Just be an empty howl to the tamed and the satisfied population that constitutes most modern democracies. We may have already fulfilled Aloud Huxley prophecy of us becoming a trivial culture, drowning in a sea of irrelevance (Brave new world-aloud Huxley). So even as gays are treated as second class citizens and young gay teens are committing suicide by significant embers, Americans are more busy voting for the next American idol than care for Prop 8.Even as corruption and immorality in Indian politics continues to eat away at the nations very fabric of the nation, its citizens are preoccupied with arguing about the squad that was picked for the Indian cricket team's next tour of wherever and pondering which Plywood movie must they see next. Hence, for all of Lemon's passionate singing about power to the people, the hard truth might Just be that the people don't want power, they want pleasure, and therein lies the inherent flaw of democracy.

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Early Marriage Essay

1. Introduction Marriage, as a fundamental social and cultural institution and as the most common milieu for bearing and rearing children, profoundly shapes sexual behaviours and practices. It is undeniable that early marriage is a controversial yet hot topic that gets the attention of the professionals across many fields such as economy, psychology and sociology. The age at first marriage variegates across the globe. Being married before the age of 18 has been a social norm in third world countries [refer to Appendix A]. The percentage of women being married before age 8 is estimated from 20 to 50 percent in average in developing countries Ooyce, et al. , 2001). But then, developed countries are unlikely to experience the resembling pattern of matrimony. The marital union is normally delayed too long although this practise is believed to bring the most apparent reason for the breakdown in sexual ethics (Orsi, 2001). Out of its wealth and egoistic, western society chooses to marry later in life until they have built a decent maturity in age, education and financial state. As early marriage is widely practiced in developing countries, a global issue has risen as to whether early marriage does really hinder self development due to the consequences it brings to young girls. The practice is believed to bring several benefits to some extent. However, the adverse effects it brings can impede the self- development of young adolescences in many aspects including health consequences, character building and education as well as career opportunities. 1. 2 Purpose of Research The main purpose of this research is to discover students’ opinion about early marriage. Do they agree with early marriage or not. The second goal is to know hether early marriage brings either benefits or harms to students. Even though early marriage is already becoming a social norm in the third world countries [refer to Appendix A] the society still does not fully aware of this phenomenon. Thus the third goal of this research is to increase the awareness of the society regarding early marriage. 1. 3 Method of Research For the purpose of this research, relevant information was obtained from internet and books. This report is divided into several parts such as background information, factors that lead to early marriage, advantages and disadvantages of early marriage, s well as either early marriage can impede self development of young adolescence or not. A set of questionnaire will be distributed to 35 SAM student of INTI as it is the best measurement scale to gain people’s response without anyone sitting on the fence (Faculty Senate Advancement of Teaching (AOT) Committee, 2004). An interview also will be conducted as part of the research techniques

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Breaking with the Continuum

In this paper I’m going to discuss how both Modernism and Postmodernism represented a paradigm shift in the traditional art and thinking. I’m going to list the characteristic features of these eras, providing relevant evidence, where necessary. In the closing part f my paper, I’m going to investigate the effects Modernism and Postmodernism had on the creative process in the wider context. Following the chronology of events, I’ll discus Modernism first. The revolutionary nature of this artistic movement is noted for all the scholars researching the History of Art.If we discuss the definition of Modernism, we’ll see that it reflects the innovative and experimental nature if it: â€Å"The term Modernism applied retrospectively to the wide range of experimental and avant-garde trends in the arts that emerged from the middle of the 19th century, as artists rebelled against traditional Historicism, and later through 20th century as the necessity of an in dividual rejecting previous tradition, and by creating individual, original techniques. † (HuntFor. com, n/d, para. 1) Indeed, the first and foremost characteristic feature of Modernism is the rejected tradition.While the majority of previous artistic developments tried to find a place within the general context of the artistic realm, Modernism rejected all the previous principles and practices. The very term â€Å"Modernism† implies the dichotomy and struggle between tradition and modernity. In a limited number of cases, â€Å"Modernism was not merely defined by its avant garde but also by a reforming trend within previous artistic norms. † (HuntFor. com, n/d, para. 2) In a word, Modernism aimed at rejecting, transforming, or reforming previous artistic experience – but nothing can be left untouched.But what tradition Modernism rejected? â€Å"The second half of the 19th century has been called the Positivist age. In the visual arts this modernistic or p ositivistic spirit is most obvious in the widespread rejection of Romantic subjectivism and imagination in favor of the faith in the positive consequences of the close observation and the accurate and apparently objective description of the ordinary, observable world. † (HuntFor. com, n/d, para. 3) Another characteristic feature of Modernism is experiment.From my personal point of view, in the majority of cases Modernism represented experiment for the sake of experiment: Modernists wanted â€Å"to create forms for no other purpose than novelty. † (Keep, McLaughlin & Parmar, n/d, â€Å"Defining Postmodernism,† â€Å"What is postmodernism? †, para. 1) The tension between dispositio and eloqutio was often decided in favour of form. It’s much easier to produce a revolution in form than in meaning. As for other revolutionary innovations, â€Å"Modernism's cutting edges, to this point had been the exploration of subjective experience and the clarificatio n and simplification of structure.† (HuntFor. com, n/d, para. 6) By way of all these changes and modifications, art was ascribed a new function. Modernism â€Å"introduced the increasing number of works which either radically simplified or rejected previous practice. Underlying strand of that thinking can be called the shift from idealistic to critical. This tendency mirrors that art is to communicate clearly. † (HuntFor. com, n/d, para. 9) Modernism pioneered new forms of artistic expression, offered by rapidly developing technology. â€Å"This feature would in future unite both Modernism and Postmodernism.The rise of cinema and ‘moving pictures’ in the first decade of the 20th century gave the modern movement an artform which was uniquely its own. The use of photography, which had rendered much of the representational function of visual art obsolete, also strongly affected Modernism. † (HuntFor. com, n/d, para. 7) Indeed, Modernism, especially in s pecific forms, offered an up-to-date response to the changing reality. â€Å"The pressures of communication, transportation and more rapid scientific development began placing a premium on search for simplification of diction in the work of various art forms.One example was the movement towards clarity, and the embracing of new technology, found in Futurism. † (HuntFor. com, n/d, para. 12) So we can conclude that there were objective preconditions for the rejection of tradition advocated by the representatives of Modernism. When I thought of bringing a relevant example to illustrate how Modernists rejected the tradition, I found out that each movement – from De Stijl to Art Deco – offered their own response. This again proves the innovative nature of Modernism: while the tradition is singular, the deviations from it are multiple.The situation with Postmodernism isn’t that crystal clear. The very term â€Å"Postmodernism† suggests the continuation o f modernists’ tradition. The concept of Postmodern was first used with regard to architecture at the middle of the last century: â€Å"Firstly, postmodernism was a movement in architecture that rejected the modernist, avant garde, passion for the new. † (Keep, McLaughlin & Parmar, n/d, â€Å"Defining Postmodernism,† â€Å"What is postmodernism? †, para. 1) Generally, the movement was born as a rejection of the previous tradition of the adoeation of novelty. The definition of Postmodernism is as follows:â€Å"[Postmodernism is a] rejection of the sovereign autonomous individual with an emphasis upon anarchic collective, anonymous experience. Collage, diversity, the mystically unrepresentable, Dionysian passion are the foci of attention. Most importantly we see the dissolution of distinctions, the merging of subject and object, self and other. This is a sarcastic playful parody of western modernity and the ‘John Wayne’ individual and a radical , anarchist rejection of all attempts to define, reify or re-present the human subject. † (Keep, McLaughlin & Parmar, n/d, â€Å"Defining Postmodernism,† â€Å"What is postmodernism? †, para. 5)We see that Postmodernism rejects not only the previous tradition of Modernism, but also all the previous artistic tradition. It focuses on a different meaning and method of creation. Assuming that no new knowledge can have been produced at the end of the 20th century, Postmodernism concentrated on synthesizing the available element of art and thought. Postmodernism is a paradigm shift that can’t yet be defined by comparison with the artistic method that will chronologically follow it. As for the meaning of these two innovative trends, Modernism opened a new era in the Western art at the beginning of the 20th century.It opened way for constant experimentation and search for new forms of artistic expression. Postmodernism with its stress on collective and anonymous e xperience changed the nature of relations between the author and artistic product. Both trends offered a highly needed response to the rapidly changing world. References Modernism. HuntFor. com. June 11, 2005. www. huntfor. com/arthistory/c19th/modernism. htm Keep, C. , McLaughlin, T. and Parmar, R. Defining Postmodernism. The Electronic Labyrinth. June 11, 2005. http://www. iath. virginia. edu/elab/hfl0242. html

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Reflection Paper Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Reflection Paper - Essay Example At the same time, though most people knew what the laws called for, it was still too early to tell the measures their respective State governments would take. While some states adopted the laws as they were, others introduced to exceptions, making the laws almost unattainable. Eminent domain Eminent domain generally refers to the power of the government to control all the property within its territory and appropriate it for public use. In the United States, these powers have been delegated to the respective state governments (Weinstein, 2006). However, the government must undertake several steps before acquiring private property for public use. This applies regardless of whether the acquisition is complete, partial, temporary or right of way. In all the cases, the government is supposed to pay a fair price for the property, which is usually the fair market value or the highest price one can pay for the property in an open market. At times, the government may go further to ensure that there is fair compensation for the property taken. This includes for example, finding a premise for a going-concern business or paying relocation costs to individuals moving from their homes. After undertaking all the steps, the government must ensure that the acquired property is for public use, as any other purpose would make the process null and void (Larson, 2004). These powers vested upon the government vary from one state to another, based on the limitations placed over the use of the appropriated property (Larson, 2004). The three main factors that arose immediately after the Kelo ruling are responsible for these differences. These factors included the uncharacteristic dissent by the former justice Sandra Day O’Connor, the change in political and legal atmosphere in the country, and the outcry from both the media and the public concerning the ruling. Of the three, the dissent by O’Connor was the most unequivocal as she went further to document her thoughts, whi ch apparently rivaled those of her colleagues. In addition, she joined hands with a group of advocates from the property right movement, who argued that the law would not only replace homes with shopping malls, but also turn farms into factories (Weinstein, 2006). Like O’Connor, the Congress indirectly opposed the enactment of the eminent law by introducing limitation bills. The aim of the bills was to deny state or local government funds, which would necessitate the transfer of private property to other parties. However, it was very categorical in the ban, as it only prohibited those that benefited private investors. Consequently, although the laws vary among various jurisdictions, it is apparent that most of the states concur with the laws. The differences originate from the need of each State to be independent and protect the rights of its residents. Most of the states that enacted the eminent domain law introduced bills that restricted the use of the appropriated property for economic development. Others went further to define economic development as those activities that would create new job opportunities and generate revenue to the state. With this specification, it became apparent that any appropriation for private gain would be discouraged (Weinstein, 2006). Alabama serves as a good example of how States passed bills to prohibit the implementation of

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South West Airlines Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 3500 words

South West Airlines - Research Paper Example The company also seeks to serve the communities it engages with a sense of involvement and diversity, while providing business sustainability to the shareholders (Lauer, 2010). The company has future strategies of expanding regionally, to serve other markets that include Canada and Mexico. The South West Airlines operates in a competitive environment, where the participants in the airline industry are constantly striving to make profits. The challenges facing the company in its operating environment include competition from the other major industry players in the airline industry, the rising costs of fuels, the slow growth of the USA economy and the ever-rising inflation (Evans, 2002). All these environmental factors have served to make the business environment for the airline a major challenge. Nevertheless, with such challenges facing the South West Airlines, one factor has stood out as its single most strength; the South West Airlines organizational culture, which has allowed it t o overcome most of these challenges and rise to become the giant organization it is today. An Introduction to the focus of the report The South West Airlines has emerged as the major focus of the airline industry, owing to its operating culture that has served to enable the organization grow and expand, in an industry that is so dynamic and unpredictable, where major giants emerges and collapses in unpredictable fashion (Wilson, 2004). There are various factors that account for the profit dynamism and unpredictability in the airline industry. First, the airline industry is wholesomely dependent on the economic performance of a country, especially for the domestic-based airline operators, considering that the economic situations of... The South West Airlines operates in a competitive environment, where the participants in the airline industry are constantly striving to make profits. The challenges facing the company in its operating environment include competition from the other major industry players in the airline industry, the rising costs of fuels, the slow growth of the USA economy and the ever-rising inflation. All these environmental factors have served to make the business environment for the airline a major challenge. Nevertheless, with such challenges facing the South West Airlines, one factor has stood out as its single most strength; the South West Airlines organizational culture, which has allowed it to overcome most of these challenges.The South West Airlines has emerged as the major focus of the airline industry, owing to its operating culture that has served to enable the organization to grow and expand, in an industry that is so dynamic and unpredictable, where major giants emerge and collapse in an unpredictable fashion. There are various factors that account for the profit dynamism and unpredictability in the airline industry. First, the airline industry is wholesomely dependent on the economic performance of a country, especially for the domestic-based airline operators, considering that the economic situation of the individuals within a country determines their ability and preference of air travel, at the expense of the other means of travel, such as the road or rail.

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Types of Forecasting Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Types of Forecasting - Research Paper Example There is no one standard method of forecasting, the effectiveness of the method depends upon the nature of the business and its usefulness to it. (Render, Stair & Hanna. 2003) Forecasting is easier to perform in businesses which have historical data to follow. For a new business like the one John and Micheal are pursuing is a new business line for which no substantial historical data is available. Further the business with this new venture needs expansion in the scale of production along with the changes in the supply chain. Due to all these factors the forecasting needs to be done in a way which incorporates the changes in the business, its supply chain while reducing cost and increasing profits in the business. The quantitative methods would not be suitable to apply as no historical data on the same lines of business will be available because of the newness of the product in the markets and lack of competitors of the product. The approach Stone Horse Supply Company needs to follow will be forecasting in view of the supply chain which can meet customer’s requirement on time, save costs associated with inventories and earn profits in the future. Unlike the traditional supply chains in the past, the supply chains now focuses on the demand chains, that is greater focus is given on the customers and their needs. Demand forecasting can be done at Stone Horse Supply Company by determining the demand for the future and what level of sales could be achieved. There are many methods of forecasting through which sales and demand can be determined which all usually work on the historic data and underlying assumptions which can not be applied to the new venture Stone Horse Supply Company is going to undertake. (Lawrence, Geurts, & Guerard. 2002) a. Consumer Surveys/ Market Research: This approach is a systematic approach to gain an

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Lessons from Jesus Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Lessons from Jesus - Essay Example The first twenty verses of Chapter five of Mark describe how Jesus freed a man from the demons that had possessed him. Background information presented indicates that the demons tormented the man immensely compelling him to dwell near tombs. However, on seeing Jesus, the man recognized that Jesus could offer a remedy to his problem, by ordering the demons to depart from him. Moreover, the man had knowledge of the true identity of Jesus as the one sent from God because he hid obeisance to him. Jesus ought to know the man’s name, and he replied that he was Legion because multiple demons had possessed him. Upon his request, Jesus ordered the demons to move out of him and possess the swine that were feeding on the mountains instead. After the demons possessed the swine, they moved into the sea and drowned. On Jesus’ order, the man went to retell his experience to his people (Reddish, 2011). From verses 21 by Mark, Chapter 5, a man named Jairus approached Jesus requesting hi m to accompany him to his homestead and heal his daughter. According to the man, the daughter was critically ill. Heeding his call, Jesus accepted to go with him, although the large crowd following Jesus proved to hinder swift movement. In this crowd was a woman who had suffered hemorrhaging for twelve years without finding any remedy despite her search. She had the conviction that Jesus had the potential of healing her condition. She only touched her garments and experienced instant healing. As they walked, they received news that Jairus’ daughter had succumbed to her illness. However, Jesus proceeded to the homestead and brought her back to life. In addition, John in Chapter 11 outlines how Jesus resurrected his friend, Lazarus. This happened after he had been in the tomb for four days. During this occasion, Jesus saw the grief of the people and wept to show his sensitivity to their needs (Reddish, 2011). Application It is evident that Jesus had power and used it in a sensi tive manner of helping others.  

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Description Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Description - Essay Example The trip started out smoothly and nobody felt even a tinge of tiredness. On the way to the Big Bear, we halted at Seven Eleven to grab some energy drinks and continued our trip singing out loudly. The freeway that led us to the mountain was nearly empty and the view was enchanting. We were surrounded by nature with both sides of the freeway covered with mountains and trees. As we neared the mountain, I noticed a sign board that read, â€Å"Snow Chains required beyond this point† and Highway Patrols were blocking the entrance of the mountain. Upon enquiry, they told us that as it had snowed all night the road ahead was covered with snow and ice and that we would require tire chains to move ahead. On hearing this, however, our excitement did not wean and we drove back to the city below the mountains and bought some tire chains. We then pulled over just before the blockade, to put on the chains. The weather outside was freezing cold as we got out of the car which was a black two- door coupe model with a long hood, a short trunk and big tires. I had previously encountered problems with the tires as they had a tendency to slip when the ground was wet. But now I was not worried as the snow chains looked powerful and reliable, though it was quite a challenge to fix them. After struggling with the chains for about 30 minutes, my hands began to feel cold and sensitive due to the freezing weather. The effort was in vain and we finally engaged a mechanic to fix the chains and paid him $50 for the job. Another problem also lay ahead as I had never driven on icy roads. Though I took pride in my driving skills I was a bit apprehensive at that moment. As I resumed driving, the mountain road seemed fine from where the Highway Patrols stopped us, but once we reached the first curve, the true reality of the situation dawned on us. The road ahead was completely snow covered with only a few sections of the road visible. There were curves once after every 300 feet with

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Identifying Stakeholders and Developing Charter Essay

Identifying Stakeholders and Developing Charter - Essay Example This essay stresses that organizational structure has a very deep impact on the project management and PM decision making process this also includes the company’s size and its business requirements. The organization functioning horizontally or vertically the organizational structure is used to uphold and mange the resources, time line, expenditure, and quality/performance. Three organizational structures are utilized by the by the PM are functional, matrix, and projectized. the PM process impacted though the company’s culture. The corporate culture defines the character of the organization. If we analyze the company’s culture then we will able to find out that it includes of the norms, assumptions, values and concrete signs of business members and their behaviors. The company’s culture determines a company’s managerial actions, performance, image, and policies, also having impact on the operational programs of the PM practice. In this report the author has discussed the main stakeholders of this project. He has utilized different project stakeholder identification and classification techniques of this project. He has also mentioned the criteria for the call of meeting for this project. During the analysis He has found different potential conflict that the author of the report has mentioned in the last section. He has tried to address each aspect of the under-discussion factor, so that we can have a better and clear view of the overall project.

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Black Art Movement and the Harlem Renaissance Essay

Black Art Movement and the Harlem Renaissance - Essay Example At this period, there was also an interest being formed for jazz music with many white Americans that enjoyed the new sounds of lyrical black expression. One notable writer from this Harlem Renaissance period was Henry Dumas, who wrote a collection of short stories that described the efforts of different civil rights activists to describing the â€Å"lethal strength of a sax solo†, in order to celebrate the African-American spirit and movement toward liberation as a culture. Another novelist, Amiri Baraka, helped to build Black Dialogue, a publication facility that supported black arts. In his poetry, which was considered very risquà © during the Harlem Renaissance, he spoke of â€Å"fists beating niggers out of jocks or setting fire and death to whities ass† as a means to show African-American defiance against racial intolerance. It is poetry like this that often caused social uprising in different black social groups and reminded them that they were still an oppresse d people, therefore inspiring the next generation of blacks to explore artistry as a means to help in the cause for civil rights. The black arts movement involved many different African-American artists that often used their creative expression and poetry to influence others to reconsider their role in broader, White society. It is likely that without these historical figures, prominent leaders like Martin Luther King, Jr. and Malcolm X would not have been inspired to use peaceful protest that marks the current state of liberation.