Saturday, August 10, 2019

Defining concept of design thinking Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words - 1

Defining concept of design thinking - Essay Example an a branch of career study which applies the sensitivity, creativity and innovativeness as well as coming up with executions and implementation strategy in order to bring out satisfaction of the consumers who intends to use the product and to cope up with the market competition. 3. Choose examples exploring the current literature on design thinking, its influences and its critiques and relate it to real world application of design thinking used as a strategic tool in business leadership. Some technological companies such as Google and Apple have in the recent past given room for about 20% of their employees to think and come out with their ideas in improving their services and the goods for the case of Google. For many consumers in the market the need is full satisfaction in which consumers need new products with development in operations. Design thinking has much influence on the profitability of the company. Taking for instance phone applications, most consumers will go for those phones with many features as compared to those with fewer features. These features are some of the products of ideas which in this case is design thinking. In addition design thinking brings about competition among the companies thereby resulting in high quality products. Of course there is aspect of critics coming from the social side. Most of the design thinking are associated with the destruction of the environment, exploitation due to high demand of the input place in implementing the se ideas. When we take for example the motor vehicle industry such as the Lamborghini which is a current design thinking product is very expensive as compared to other cars which are not highly designed but it is surprising to note that the raw materials are just the same. This makes us to believe that the increase in price is due to the designing services. Most of business strategic plans are based on the applications of the ideas from the management and other employees. After depict of clear

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