Wednesday, August 28, 2019

Human Resources Re-Engineering Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Human Resources Re-Engineering - Research Paper Example We are the business." Competitive pressure is the main reason for the above phenomenon. As a point of start, instead of imposing rules, it would fetch a better result if the process is started right from knowing what others (employees) want. Also, according to Ulrich, Smallwood and Sweetman (2007), "Being an effective leader starts with self." Employees should take up the responsibility of streamlining the Human Resources as a business partner and the top management should create the necessary ambience atmosphere. A proper intersection of people and business will certainly yield sustainable human capital resources of the organization, as per Ulrich, Brockbank HR can be linked with profitability metrics. They may either partner with Audit staff or give directions for hiring requirement or they can partner with sales & marketing team and work in designing and negotiating health care programs. In order to carry on this process effectively, develop a leadership program that includes hands of training of all functional disciplines and insist HR staff to receive basic training on financials so that they can understand impact of cash flow, receivables, billing cycles etc. Encourage them to participate in sales strategies, customer visits, technology reviews etc. Hold all members accountable for achieving the company's critical numbers and include HR employees as full business partners. Following is the example of my current company where 5 of the positions can be re-engineered (according to me) to allow for reductions in work force availability. Here are the total 16 total positions currently in our company. General Manager (1 position), Marketing Manager (1 position), HR Manager (1 position), Accounts Lead (1 position), Sales & Marketing (3 positions), Auditing (2 position), Recruiting & Training (3 positions), Payroll Staff (1 position), Accounts Assistants (3 positions). According to the explanation above, HR teams can be partnered with other departments and necessary changes can be made. Recruiting & Training team can be partnered with Sales & Marketing team and gradually, the total 6 positions can be reduced to 4. Clubbing of Recruiting and Marketing team helps in collaboratively working "within the company" & what is needed "outside the company." Auditing staff can be partnered with payroll and accounting staff and the total number may be changed from 6 to 4. This combination is because of the similarity between finance and accounts. My current role is one among a team of 3 in Sales & Marketing. There is a potential chance of my position getting disturbed with the above re-engineering. However, for the overall well being of the company, I feel this is the right approach. Also, as long as I am good performer, my position shall be definitely safe. References The HR Value Proposition by David Ulrich and Wayne Brockbank (2005) The Leadership Code: Five Rules to Lead By by Dave Ulrich, Norm Smallwood, and Kate

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