Monday, August 12, 2019

An evaluation something on campus after closely studying this Essay

An evaluation something on campus after closely studying this something ,develop fair criteria topic can be a specific place,event,or service(must be on campus) - Essay Example The staff has been specifically trained and organized to manage the health of the students. There is enough medication for the students in the college and this leads to a better way of running the campus since there is not much time wasted on treating the students. One of the major drawbacks of the health care systems is that it has a paying fees for the service provided, which comes at a cost to the students who expect subsidised costs and cheap services, which is something missing from this system. The health care system also does not have enough space to cater to a large number of people at the same time, and this may prove to be futile if there arises a need to cater to a large number of students. Since all the students are eligible for treatments it basically depends on who can afford the treatment and who cannot. To meet the requirement of each and every student the college has made sure that the treatment comes cheap and not too expensive so that the people don’t have to think twice before going for the health care system. The health care center also offers health insurance for the students at a very nominal charge. This is done to facilitate health consciousness and awareness among the students of the college and to allow them to retain benefit from the college at the cheapest prices. The idea is to make sure that if anything happens to the students then the health insurance will cover the greatest of the greatest costs of the students and that shall also help him to undergo his treatment at low prices. Whenever a student visits the college a confidential health record is maintained by the college health center. This is done to maintain the privacy of the student and also in the best interest of medical ethics. There are certain rights which the patient has and these shall be understood in detail. The first and the foremost right the patient has is the right to be given quality treatment irrespective of the background of the

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