Wednesday, August 21, 2019

La Live Dance Concert Essay Example for Free

La Live Dance Concert Essay One of the remarkable dancing show that I have seen during the semester is the dance show called â€Å"Flower of the Season†. The dance show contains four pieces and each of the piece was performed by different performers- â€Å"Kudzu† choreographed by Kim Nakakura, â€Å"Lupin† choreographed by Amnnelien Goetschalckx, â€Å"Grey Stem† choreographed by Cat Westwood, and there was one untitled piece choreographed by Eric Losoya. â€Å" The Flower of the Season† was performed at Electric Lodge. Though I had no idea of how the dancers would be performed, but I was so excited since it was the first time I went to see a dance performance. I expected that I would be so relaxed while watching the gentler poses and saltant performances by the dancers. However, as the show began, I realized this was not a kind of dance show I had been imagined. The first piece began with the performer standing at the entrance. While people were passing through the performer and to grab a seat waiting for the show to begin, the performer was still standing at the entrance emotionlessly, and I was wondering if that was a part of the show. After all the audiences had their seats and silently watching the dancer, she finally started to move into the stage extremely slowly. It was funny to me at first, but after the dancer moved to the center of the stage, I was so impressed when I saw her face that was hidden behind her long hair. Her eye was fulled with upset and pain, and then she even began to cry. Although there were limited dancing techniques in the show, the performer successfully conveyed a sense of hopeless to the audiences. Before I can be dispassionate from recollecting the emotions and performances of the dancer in the first piece, the â€Å"Grey Stem† began with the performer rapped by a bag and slowly rolled down from the stair. As she reached to the stage, the dancer was released and began waving her arms as she was swimming in the ocean. The whole piece seemed to illustrate a sorrowful story that a person was abandoned and She was trying to find the way to home without any help from others. At the end of the show, I felt that It was glad to be there. Though the interpretations of the pieces played in the show might vary between the audiences but I enjoyed the whole show would never forget all the impression that I had received from the show.

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