Sunday, August 11, 2019

Business Plan Implementation Personal Statement Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Business Plan Implementation - Personal Statement Example Coral Reef Adventures will dive seven days each week and visit a variety of dive sites each day. With over 25 unique dive sites available off the coast of Palm Beach, divers will experience a truly remarkable diving experience. The Coral Reef will operate from a beautiful 38’ Canaveral Custom Boat or equivalent docked at the Riverian Beach Marina. The boat will be well equipped with a professional captain and crew to serve its guests. There will be a Certified Dive Masters on every trip, oxygen and Nitrox fills on board, complimentary soft drinks and snacks and a fresh water rinse area for all to enjoy. Coral Reef Adventures, Inc. will accommodate up to 25-30 customers at a time. The boat will be equipped with 9 well trained staff and state of the art equipment, to make each trip a safe and enjoyable adventure. The company’s mission will be to deliver a variety of programs and packages that appeal to all skill levels. It provides maximum frequencies and options to guests and demonstrates abilities to showcase best dive charter with the best service and safety conscience crew the Florida â€Å"Gold Coast† has to offer. Finally, it endeavors to provide extra value added amenities, the competition does not offer to all guests. My goal is to engender a business that performs at a consistent profitable level, and as my four Sons finish their educational careers, it is my intention to integrate each one into different functions of the business. I would like the company to have acquired 25 new boats from the current single boat in the next 10 years, and grow by an average of $ 2million per year in revenue. I will need to impart teamwork, good communication, reliability and responsiveness to my team. Besides, I will recruit those who have a passion for diving and have shown credible track record in doing honest and ethical business. I will also motivate my employees by reviewing their monthly paychecks upwards. The new technology and social

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