Wednesday, October 30, 2019

Support for High-Definition IP Cameras Assignment

Support for High-Definition IP Cameras - Assignment Example Another core advantage of the camera is the fact that it uses the Ethernet cable as the core suppliers of power, thus fitting the university requirements (PoE). It is applicable both in the indoor and outdoor settings. It has a 360o span of view, equipped with the rotating camera, thus making it possible for strategic positioning within the school halls, cafeteria, pavements and other areas that require adequate surveillance. It has HDTV options, providing high quality full HD images and videos, which is excellent for adequate surveillance. The organization should purchase up to 200 cameras, the same as the one prescribed above, which will be linked to one network, but will be segmented into individual units, with each having its own identity, through the use of its IP address, though they will all be managed by one administrator, which will constitute of the organization’s server, and a minor technology department that will be developed by the institution specifically for surveillance. These cameras will be operated with their location. For instance, the engineering school section of camera will all be operated by one person, though anyone within the surveillance office, or registered in the security management website, which will also be developed alongside the department, can access them from home or anywhere using the internet. The network management will decide on where the views can be accessed by the students within the school network and premises or if they will not have any security clearance to access any of the cameras. The cameras will all be positioned in areas where they cannot offer conflicting views, through the use of different angles of view, to prevent redundancy and duplication of images, view or videos. This will also prevent blind spots within the view. With these cameras being connected to computers, the storage uplink is definitely certified. The cameras also have temporary storage more than 1 GB. With

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