Thursday, October 17, 2019

Characteristics of a Learning Organization Research Paper

Characteristics of a Learning Organization - Research Paper Example These organizations also end up repeating the same mistakes over and over again. The best example is situation whereby an organization spends a lot of time restructuring and repeating initiatives because the previous initiatives did not lead to the desired results (Boranmoon, 2005). My preferred learning organization is Social Care Institute for Excellence (SCIE). In addition, the Social Care Institute for Excellence is able to promote learning and leadership in its operations at all levels. The type of leadership promoted by the Social Care Institute for Excellence is able to promote accountability in various levels of leadership. Leaders as well as individuals are made accountable for their actions whenever they engage in decisions that do not contribute to the success of the organization. Organizations that encourage responsibility and accountability often become clearer and stronger in their dealings. These organizations also realize that they are able to produce good leaders of tomorrow who can bring change in the society in which they live in. creating responsible individuals is also important because they help in achieving the common goal to the organization. The Social Care Institute for Excellence’s vision, mission and values can fit well into an overall strategic direction. Learning organizations can only ensure that there is responsibility among individuals if they work through strong network of relationships and helping one another in correcting their weaknesses, rather that creating a working environment in which individuals work under pressure to achieve their objective (Boranmoon, 2005). The Social Care Institute for Excellence also ensures that there is a conducive learning environment for all individuals. The organization should take advantage and use the available intelligent resource within the organization to improve in their service delivery. This can only be achieved if every individual is given a chance to develop their skills and talents. Further, social Care Institute for Excellence engages both internal and external stakeholders in the decision making process. They them respond with adequate measures towards the issues generated by stake holders. Stakeholders must always be included in the decision making process for any learning organization to achieve their objectives. Lack of concern towards the views of the stakeholders can only lead to more complications in the process of implementing certain projects. Success in the implementation of all projects and activities of a learning organization depends upon the cooperation among all stakeholders (Boranmoon, 2005). Social Care Institute for Excellence ensures that there is sustainability thinking within the organization’s culture. Each and every individual within the organization should be made to think that they are very important to the sustainability of the organization. When individuals within the learning organization feel that they are very insi gnificant in the progress, the productivity may be affected thus affecting the ability to meet the set objectives. Every individual within the learning organization must feel a sense of worth in the operations and management of the organization (Boranmoon, 2005). Social Care Institute for Excellence incorporates the efforts of several individuals. It is more that just one person and it arises from the collaboration of individuals in groups

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