Thursday, November 21, 2019

Reader response Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Reader response - Essay Example The report stresses on the fact that bad writing does not only mean not being able to write, rather more importantly it means not being able to convert an idea into fine words. In another article by (Fried), the importance of good writing is further stresses in the business world especially, where bad writing means a direct and instant loss in productivity and customer dissatisfaction. In the article, bad writing is sarcastically described as â€Å"stale, soggy rice cakes†, which are devoid of taste and nutrition. In an order to increase the number of customers, business people have got to rely on using writing skills that are persuasive and creative. (MBA Jargon Watch) may be considered a beneficial source in an order to build up on the type of vocabulary which is needed in the business world to create an attractive and good piece of writing that would be able to woo the customers. Many words introduced by (MBA Jargon Watch) may seem new to the business world writers and they may be ignorant of them as well, due to which bad writing comes on all geared up to spoil a company’s future. All three articles stress on the ultimate importance of good writing in the business world and appreciate the usage of creative writing

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