Sunday, November 17, 2019

Costa Launches New Flavour Drinks This Winter Essay Example for Free

Costa Launches New Flavour Drinks This Winter Essay ?Try Cioccospresso! Costa launches new flavour drinks for this different winter 12/11/2014 Costa is looking to create warmth this winter thanks to a brand new offering that will light up your taste buds. As the UK’s fastest growing coffee shop chain ,costa never stops its steps in innovation. This time, costa try to deliver an intense chocolate experience to you by offering Costa Cioccosresso, an upgraded chocolate drinks which will be available to buy in Costa and Costa Metro from 12th November 2014. It’s time to try something new besides your favorite coffee. Cioccospresso brings the zesty tastes right to your cup:chilli,vanilla,orange,mint and ginger. Combined with newly found cocoa and natural brown sugar,and topped with whipped cream and baking spices, this new drink addition offers you mellow enjoyment without adding milk. During her vocation in Mexico,Victoria Stewart, one of Costa’s barista, discovered this magic drink and brought it back to dear you. It’s even better that Cioccospresso is made with patented machine specially designed by Costa to keep its original aroma and healthy effects. Andrew Tornatore, senior marketing director for Costas UK, said: This is another delicious addition to the Costa’s menu and one were proud to be launching. We always try to offer more healthy beverage and food to our customers, which is why we try hard discovering better ingredients and techniques. New additions like Cioccospresso is one of our achievements. Great healthy effects such as reductions of migraines,risk of cardiovascular problems and blood pressure will be shown to you while the beverage still upholding the high standards. † The initial launch will also be hold in Leicester Square branch in November 12th,Aztec historians and health experts will be attending to present more information. Except that,Costa’s online activities waiting for your involvements as well,show your â€Å"Chocolate indulgence† and win free holidays! To find your nearest store, for more information or to view a menu visit www. costa. co. uk or Costa’s Facebook fan page. Press Enquiries: Nina Chen University of Leeds 0783 5xxx xxx Tuesday 10th November, 2014.

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