Monday, September 23, 2019

Knowledge Management Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words - 1

Knowledge Management - Essay Example My personal knowledge management plan is as follows: Social dimension objective: My social dimension objective is identifying daily contacts that I can improve upon with use of networking, collaboration, or by engaging in productive dialogue in order to produce enhanced work relationships and work productivity (Wright, 5). Social dimension action plan: My social dimension action plan is to have more focused contact with different departments that I frequently interact with as an HR Generalist. By targeting problem areas with each department I deal with, it should improve the availability of knowledge in a way that can benefit the organization. A few departments that I interact with would include payroll, operations line managers, the information technology department, and my fellow HR colleagues. I plan to do this part of my action plan on as close to a daily basis as possible. Information dimension objective: My information dimension objective is to improve my use of information technology to improve work productivity. This could be through informational analyzing, organization, aggregation, or communication (Wright, 4). Information dimension action plan: My information dimension action plan is to identify one or more areas at my work over the next three weeks that could be improved through information technology. This will involve analyzing the current method of doing work, and in proposing improvements where appropriate. Analytical action plan: My analytical action plan involves reflecting on the decision-making process, and attempting to see how to generate ideas along with general interpretation or analysis. I plan to do this after each entry in my personal knowledge journal. Learning dimension objective: My learning dimension objective is to enhance the way I approach processing knowledge or learning. Learning can be by intuition, reflection, resource development, process improvements,

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