Saturday, September 7, 2019

Black Art Movement and the Harlem Renaissance Essay

Black Art Movement and the Harlem Renaissance - Essay Example At this period, there was also an interest being formed for jazz music with many white Americans that enjoyed the new sounds of lyrical black expression. One notable writer from this Harlem Renaissance period was Henry Dumas, who wrote a collection of short stories that described the efforts of different civil rights activists to describing the â€Å"lethal strength of a sax solo†, in order to celebrate the African-American spirit and movement toward liberation as a culture. Another novelist, Amiri Baraka, helped to build Black Dialogue, a publication facility that supported black arts. In his poetry, which was considered very risquà © during the Harlem Renaissance, he spoke of â€Å"fists beating niggers out of jocks or setting fire and death to whities ass† as a means to show African-American defiance against racial intolerance. It is poetry like this that often caused social uprising in different black social groups and reminded them that they were still an oppresse d people, therefore inspiring the next generation of blacks to explore artistry as a means to help in the cause for civil rights. The black arts movement involved many different African-American artists that often used their creative expression and poetry to influence others to reconsider their role in broader, White society. It is likely that without these historical figures, prominent leaders like Martin Luther King, Jr. and Malcolm X would not have been inspired to use peaceful protest that marks the current state of liberation.

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