Saturday, March 7, 2020

tcpip essays

tcpip essays TCP/IP already supports over 4.8 million hosts with up to 45-MBPS transit facilities and a wide variety of access links. Its architecture is evolving to support millions of end users, gigabit-per-second backbone links, and up to gigabit-per-second communication between individual pairs of end users. These three aspects of growth impose different requirements, but probably will evolve simultaneously. In the twenty- first century, Internet service may be nearly as useful and easy to use as a telephone service, enabling people to work with information resources and processors, regardless of their locations. Businesses and individuals can feel confident using TCP/IP now, because TCP/IP architecture is evolving to handle large, faster networks, that will continue to support todays applications, transmission media, and protocols, as well as new applications, transmissions media, and protocols. ...

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