Monday, July 29, 2019

Level of evidence Term Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Level of evidence - Term Paper Example When each study is completed, recommendations are made and results used to update the policies and procedures. For example, in validation of evidence for a clinical intervention for a particular disease, its results are important as the procedure regarding the treatment for the disease will be updated immediately. All policies and procedures are reviewed annually. The management of the health institution is the overall in charge in ensuring all policies and procedures are based on evidence. There are policies and procedures manual for the health institutions. The manual outlines each procedure and policy in detail, giving information on which particular individual is responsible. For example, there is a policy regarding the criteria to approve or exempt human subject research. The policy will indicate the scope, purpose and criteria, indicating the concerned department and personnel. The level of evidence indicates the type of study used in order to effectively make an evaluation of the intervention effect. This will be used to decide on whether the evidence is appropriate. The types of evidence accepted as appropriate are based on three factors namely, whether there is any real effect of the evidence, the relevance of the effect and the size of the effect. The strength of the evidence assesses the effectiveness of an intervention in clinical practice. There are different types of bias that can be detected in any study that can affect the outcome. Each type of study done can indicate the degree of bias. The methods used for the study determines the quality of the evidence in order to minimize bias within the particular study. The sources of bias for each study need to be determined. There are different types of bias such as selection bias or publication bias. Various questions need to be addressed as to how the sample was selected, whether the characteristics of the

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